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Bear Update – 10/04/2015

The Bear Den will be in charge of the entertainment for the next Pack meeting at the end of October.  We have decided to use this opportunity to earn our “Grin and Bear It” (Page 90 in the Bear Handbook) adventure loop, where each scout will create and run a carnival game for the other dens and their siblings that attend.

This past Wednesday we introduced the adventure to the boys, and asked them to think about some simple carnival games they could easily gather materials for and run in a small indoor space.  There are the classics like ring toss or knocking over milk bottles, but we are encouraging the scouts to come up with unique twists on those games or new games all together.

Each scout needs to bring at least one idea with him to the meeting this Wednesday, so please take some time to work with your scout on ideas. They do not need to bring any materials for the games this week, just the ideas written down or drawn out if that will help illustrate to the group.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Things to remember when thinking of ideas for our carnival games.

  • Games will be played Indoors
  • Safe for kids all ages (no darts or sharp objects)
  • Not too messy
  • Easy to get/find materials

Thank you,

Jason Roddy

Bear Update – 9/22/2015

Just a reminder that tomorrow night, September 23, is our Pack meeting: Please plan to bring the whole family to come and support your cub scout’s earning progress.
If your scout completed any of the Adventures outside of our Wednesday meetings, either making up ones he missed with us or different ones on his own, please let me know so it can be recognized at the pack meeting.  In the future we will send out an email a week or two prior to the Pack meetings to summarize what each Scout has missed. This way as a family you have the option to complete those tasks before the Pack meeting so your Scout will receive his awards.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Jason Roddy

Bear Update – 9/16/2015

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tonight, September 16th, 2015.  Outside the summer months, the Cub Scouts will continue to meeting every Wednesday unless otherwise notified.
We will be working on one of our required adventures this week, entitled Fur, Feather and Ferns (please see the Bear handbook beginning on p.70)!  Today we will be learning about composting as an environmental awareness initiative and how it helps our environment by repurposing food and other materials that would otherwise become waste.
We will try to keep the boys as clean as possible, but we will be sending them home with a compost pile in a cup and an herb garden or two!
If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email me (see contact information below).  Thank you for your support and we hope to see all the boys this evening!
Best regards,
Eric B. Cooper
cell (713) 398-5326

Bear Update – 9/9/2015

We are back on track meeting weekly from 7PM-8PM at the church for den meetings.  Please make sure you are at the church at 8PM for your son when scouts is over so that our leaders can get home.  We cannot leave until you come for your child.  Please make note of the following upcoming important dates for cub scouts through the remainder of the year.
TONIGHT September 9: Cubs den meeting at 7PM.  Parents please attend a 7:30PM meeting at the church to get the details on the scout fall popcorn fundraiser…especially parents who are new to cub scouts!  We will then give an abbreviated explanation to your kids at 7:45PM and we will be finished at 8PM.
September 23 Pack meeting: Please plan to bring the whole family to come and support your cub scout’s earning progress.
November 13-14 Cub Scout Family Overnight and Pack Meeting: We will camp overnight at a nearby location and fulfill the camping adventure.  The whole family is welcome.  Cubs MUST have a parent bring them and stay the night with them.  More details to come soon!
*NOTE: Pinewood Derby Car Kits will be distributed in December so that you can prepare them for our Pinewood derby in January!

Jason Roddy

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